In 2007 Anton and Stephanie Quintano, as actors, submitted a supplication to the then Archbishop of Malta Mgr Paul Cremona for the opening of the cause of beatification and canonisation of the lay married couple Henry and Inez Casolani. After having transmitted the petition to the Congregation of Causes of Saints, Archbishop Cremona received the Nihil Obstat from the Holy See on 17th November 2010.

On 21st August 2015 through Decree issued under the seal of the Chancellor, Mgr Lawrence Gatt and the Vicar General Mgr Joe Galea Curmi and sent to all Archpriests, Parish Priests, Church Rectors and Religious Superiors, the Curia of the Archdiocese of Malta announced that His Grace, the Archbishop Mgr Charles J. Scicluna, had accepted to open two Causes for the Beatification and Canonisation of Henry Casolani and Inez Casolani after recourse by the Postulator Canon Etienne Sciberras dated 10st August 2015.

Opening of the Cause for the Beatification and Canonisation of Henry and Inez Casolani, a lay married couple Concurrently the Archbishop Mgr Scicluna published two Edicts in which he publicly announced the opening of the Process of Beatification and Canonisation of Henry Casolani and Inez Casolani, lay married couple, together with an extensive overview of their life and virtues.

The opening of the cause took place on Saturday 29st August 2015 during 6.30 p.m. Mass concelebrated by the Archbishop at the Church of St Dominic in Rabat. All priests and religious, as well as lay persons were invited to the Mass and prayed the Holy Spirit grant His Grace to all persons involved so that if it be His Divine Will, these two lay married persons might be declared Blessed and Saints.

At the start of the ceremony the Postulator Canon Etienne Sciberras petitioned the Archbishop to declare the cause open. After the Chancellor of the Archbishop’s Curia Mgr Lawrence Gatt read the Decree by which the Archbishop appointed the members of the Tribunal, that is: Mgr Carmelo Zammit Episcopal Delegate and Judicial Vicar in charge of the process and its Acts; Reverend Kevin Schembri as Promoter of Justice; Dr Joanna Camilleri as Notary and Mrs Mariella Muscat as deputy.

Soon after, the Archbishop, followed by the Postulator and Vice Postulator Reverend Tony Sciberras mssp as well as all the above-mentioned appointees, took the oath of fidelity. Later on the Postulator presented the Archbishop with an initial list of witnesses to the cause.

Concelebrated sung Mass continued in a festive, yet solemn atmosphere with the participation of the attentive and prayerful congregation which included the couple’s only daughter Sister Cecilia Mary Casolani SJ, numerous other relatives and friends of the holy couple, parishioners of the Dominican Community of Rabat who knew the couple, as well as people from all over Malta who answered to the Archbishop’s Edict. Among the hymns that were sung by choir Cor Bel Canto directed by Mro Hermann Farrugia Frantz was The Hymn dedicated to the Servants of God Henry and Inez Casolani composed by Stephanie Quintano upon the poem written by Anton Quintano.

The congregation was particularly absorbed by Mgr Scicluna’s homily. He drew on the teachings of the Gospel by St Mark to illustrate the importance of the inner heart rather than the external image of the person in determining his character, since most evil originates from the inside of the person. The Archbishop positively gave a list of virtues that are also the result of the internal thoughts of the righteous person. Therefore it was pertinent and good to celebrate the virtues of the couple Henry and Inez Casolani in that Mass since both universally and in Malta, the Church was intent on emphasising its support for the family as evidenced by the calling of the second Synod of Bishops which was treating about the family in great detail, and in the first of which the same Maltese couple had been so honourably mentioned.

The Archbishop encouraged the Maltese people to pray through the intercession of Henry and Inez Casolani, so that by the Grace of God, a sign may be forthcoming for the glorification of the couple. Mgr Scicluna praised the couple for their virtues, especially their conjugal fidelity. He observed that the couple exemplified the thousands of good Maltese couples who contributed greatly for The Archbishop advised all those who wanted to save or strengthen their marriage, or otherwise to be spiritually relieved of the rigours of ill-health, to pray for the intercession of Couple Casolani. He concluded by praying for all those participating in the Synod and consolidating the initial truth about the importance of people’s intents.

The general public is hereby encouraged to pray through the intercession of the Servants of God Henry and Inez Casolani. Any grace received should referred to the vice postulator Fr. Tony Sciberras mssp: St. Agatha Convent, Rabat – Malta.